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Absence management

Emergencies can happen at any time — plan for the inevitable

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If you’re a manager, you know how overwhelming it can be when your employees unexpectedly need to take time off. Whether your employee is sick, injured, or attending to a personal family matter, not having a plan for when your employees need to go on leave could cost you time, money, and frustration.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With absence management software, you can develop a strategic approach to unplanned absences to maintain productivity and support your people when they need it most. In its most basic form, absence management software automates the leave process, reduces employee absenteeism, and helps you stay compliant with federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies. A modern absence management system simplifies:

  • Employee leave of absence requests and the manager approval process 
  • Compliance with local regulations, laws, and company policies 
  • Reporting and tracking of accruals, attendance, and leave data 
  • Managing attendance policies 
  • Integration with an HR management suite for easy access to workforce data 
  • And more


Absence management software — What should it include?

Instantly track and automate attendance, leave, and accruals to proactively support your people.

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Leave administration and tracking

With UKG HR technology, you can configure leave administration and tracking to match the needs of your organization. Absence management software will help you maintain balances, reduce errors caused by manual processes, and control absence costs — all in real time.

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Compliance enforcement

Ensure equal, fast, and fair policy enforcement to reduce compliance risks. UKG technology allows you to customize unique rules and workflows so you can be confident that policies are enforced consistently, accurately, and securely across your entire organization. This ensures you’re proactively balancing the needs of your people and the organization fairly.

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Seamless integrations

With our innovative technology, you can reduce paperwork and error-prone manual processes by seamlessly integrating absence management software with timesheets, schedules, government forms, and more. Your employees will have access to self-service tools to request leave, check eligibility, and track their balances — available 24/7 on our mobile app.

The Benefits of a Modern Absence Management Solution

Plan ahead for the needs of your people and organization.

Employee absence is often unpredictable, but with an absence management solution, you can eliminate manual tasks and streamline how your employees request leave and how your managers approve it. A modern solution will help you accurately calculate and track leave eligibility, type, and duration, while also increasing transparency with visibility into each employee’s current leave status and balance. Plus, it’ll minimize your compliance risk by ensuring that leave policies are enforced consistently and securely, and it’ll simplify the leave process with features like auto-populated Department of Labor forms.

Easily track and manage leave options for your people

Maintain productivity by proactively balancing the needs of your employees and your organization with UKG’s absence management HR software.

FAQs about Absence management

Failing to plan for unplanned absences could cost your organization time and money, reduce productivity, and decrease employee satisfaction that could ultimately affect your workplace culture. A modern absence management solution will help you get ahead of these challenges to accurately track and approve time off that’s compliant with government regulations and your organization’s leave policies, proactively balancing your employee and organization’s needs.

An absence management procedure outlines the steps an employee should take when they’re absent from work. It provides clear guidance for both employees and management, and often includes how employees should report their absences (who they need to notify, method of communication, timeframe for reporting), the type of absence (sick leave, vacation, personal days, etc.), documentation required for leave (such as a doctor’s note), disciplinary action for unacceptable absences, as well as a return-to-work process for when employees resume work after an absence.

Absence management is a system of policies, procedures, and processes that employers use to reduce, track, and manage absenteeism to avoid disrupting the workforce and maintain productivity. A modern HR solution with absence management technology is critical to help managers support their employees while also balancing the needs of the organization in a fair manner.

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