Seasonal Secrets

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The People-Driven Side of Peak Selling Seasons
This 2023 trend report outlines what’s working and what’s not when it comes to elevating manager and employee experiences in stores during the holidays and beyond.

Seasonal Secrets

Preparation is key to managing the added responsibilities that come with the approaching holiday season. Whether you’re looking for tips on recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, or how to keep up with the trends this season, we’ve got your back. Our Seasonal Secrets are here to help you make strategic and valuable business decisions as you begin assessing how to set your workforce up for success.
Unwrap and explore the curated resources below that are filled with guidance, best practices, and insightful tips just for you. As your partner for life, we’re excited to help you navigate the influx of business needs and challenges this year.
The State of the Retail Industry in 2023

The State of the Retail Industry in 2023

Check out an insightful podcast from the National Retail Federation to see what’s in store for the retail industry when it comes to how your consumers are shopping.

Deskless and hourly workers often possess specialized training and highly coveted skills that are some of the best-kept secrets in an organization.

Skills Recency Comes to Workforce Management Systems

Deskless and hourly workers face significant change, and WFM technology is adapting to keep pace. See how tech can provide employers with a comprehensive view, including worker skills, to optimize decision-making and maximize employee potential.

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Essential Onboarding Steps for Every Employee — Even Seasonal

As the holidays approach and seasonal hiring surges, explore successful onboarding techniques, focusing on seasonal, part-time, and temporary employees.

4+ Keys to Hiring to Best Temporary Employess this Season

4+ Keys to Hiring the Best Temporary Employees this Season

Helpful recruiting tips to find and hire strong seasonal employees for the holiday rush.

53% of Consumers Expect and Economic Impact on 2023 Holiday Plans

What potential hires want out of a seasonal job

Researchers advised talent teams to “think long term” regarding seasonal job proposals.

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Do more with the same in Logistics and Distribution

Improve culture, efficiency, and productivity with more effective workforce management.

How retailers can build an accurate labor model

How Retailers Can Build an Accurate Labor Model

Use these helpful tips to create an accurate labor budget in preparation for the holiday rush.

bring you Three actionable tips when dealing with change in your organization.

Responding to the human energy crisis by managing change effectively

The chronic stress of change and uncertainty has contributed to chronic burnout and mental health challenges. But since change is part of growing and improving, how do we get things done with the least disruption and stressful impact?

Employee Autonomy

What is employee autonomy? plus, why it's good for business

Take a look at these five activities that can remove workplace constraints and create a more autonomous work environment.

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7 Tips for Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Seasonal Staff in Times of Uncertainty

Best practices to build and manage your seasonal workforce more effectively.

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Optimize Your Workforce―Multi-Location Scheduling and Employee Sharing

Learn how to optimize your labor pool with cross-location employee sharing, helping to fill coverage gaps and improve staff retention with schedule flexibility.

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