Return to Office — Are you Prepared?

UKG has solutions to manage your workforce – wherever they may be.

Watch a brief overview of how UKG can help your organization prepare to bring employees back to the office, stay in compliance with remote work or manage a hybrid model of both.

  • Minimize Compliance Risk – Do companies know where employees are working? Are organizations paying them accurately based on the state they are living and/or working in?
  • Labor and Facility Planning – If employees are coming into a physical office location, how do companies know how many desks to have? Are there going to be the same number of employees at the location every day? How do organizations allow for appropriate distancing amongst employees? Do office layouts need to be configured differently based on the number of employees in the building?
  • Asset Utilization and Limitations – Do employees need to “schedule” desk space? Or do they select a desk at random once they arrive? What happens if there are more employees than desks in the office?
  • Contact Tracing – If an employee in the office did test positive for COVID-19, what is the process to alert other “close contacts” that should consider quarantining and monitoring for symptoms?