Wicomico County Public Schools Improves Efficiencies and Compliance

Moving to UKG Ready has streamlined timekeeping and payroll and reduced compliance concerns.

Wicomico County Public Schools moved to a UKG® solution to streamline time tracking, build employee engagement, and mitigate compliance risk. In this customer story, learn how Wicomico is using UKG Ready™ to deliver efficiencies and attract and retain employees.

Using paper-based processes to track employee time, accruals, and leave time consumed large amounts of staff time, led to errors, and exposed Wicomico to potential compliance issues. Recognizing the need to automate its human capital management processes, the district implemented UKG Ready.

Moving to the automated solution has enabled the school district to:

  • Streamline the time-consuming and error-prone timekeeping and payroll process
  • Boost employee engagement with mobile functionality and self-service tools
  • Accurately track employees’ accrued and leave time and consistently administer leave

Download this customer story to learn more about how Wicomico County Public Schools is using UKG Ready to more efficiently and effectively manage its workforce.

“Our UKG solution has enabled us to better comply with the FLSA for our nonexempt employees, especially with tracking lunch breaks and comp time and the use of comp time. FLSA compliance is priceless because it can save potential lawsuits.”
Jesse Reid, Payroll Manager

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