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Your HCM System is Leaking

Your payroll system could be leaking, losing data and dollars by the minute, and it's very possible you don't even know it.

Even if you overlook fraud and waste, up to 70 percent of a company's costs are people costs, which means that time and labor data collection is a great place to look for quick payback. Collecting information — hours worked, shift differentials, work rules — is one of the areas least explored when it comes to automating business processes. By tightening up your time and labor data approach, you can streamline business processes and significantly cut costs.

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Your ERP System is Leaking

This white paper examines how not sealing leaks from time and labor data collection can lead to significant losses. Topics covered include:

  • How to know if your HCM system is leaking
  • Time and labor data trends that most companies overlook
  • How to plug leaks with best-in-class time and attendance solution that uses a two-pronged approach to time and labor data collection
  • How using easy-to implement advanced technology solutions, organizations can better ensure workforce adoption of time and activity tracking solutions

Download this white paper today to learn more about how plugging payroll leaks with best-in-class technology can benefit your organization.