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What’s in a System?

Aligning your organization’s decisions and actions so they support the achievement of your strategic goals will position you to reach strategic organizational alignment.

When it comes to strategic planning — and the implementation of that strategy — too many organizations are facing a disconnect. One out of two leaders acknowledge that strategy implementation is just as important as strategic planning, yet there is a 67% chance that their organizations are failing to successfully implement planned strategies. Challenges like poor communication, lack of leadership, and using the wrong measures to accurately assess progress are common, but one challenge leaders may not be considering is the need for strategic organizational alignment.

What’s in a System? How to achieve long-term strategic alignment.

Strategic organizational alignment occurs when all the major components of an organization — including people, marketing, operations, and systems — are interconnected and directly linked to the mission, vision, and values of an organization.

When well-planned, implemented, and maintained wisely, UKG™ workforce management and human capital management solutions are powerful tools that enable organizations to achieve organizational alignment. Once organizations fully understand and assess the changes that are needed and reinforce the associated behavior, UKG not only can assist with transactional day-to-day activities, but may also truly transform an organization’s long-term strategy and outcomes.

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