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What’s the Alternative? The Business Imperative of ESG

Learn why Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is critical to understanding, communicating, and measuring your organization’s global impact.

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A strong ESG program shows you're doing the right thing for your employees, customers, and communities

ESG is a mainstay of a successful corporate strategy. When done right, ESG drives enterprise value and financial performance while motivating employees and customers. UKG examines the positive impact of a strong ESG program.

More than 70% of consumers said they would pay an additional 5% for a green product if it met the same performance standards as a nongreen alternative.
Almost 40% of Gen Zs and millennials are willing to turn down jobs and assignments which don’t align with their values.
Over 90% of S&P 500 companies publish ESG reports as do approximately 70% of Russell 1000 companies.

An ESG program serves to coordinate and optimize activities your organization manages in support of its beliefs, identify opportunities to grow and strengthen its commitments, and demonstrate positive impacts it makes through measurable progress and tangible results. It helps your organization make informed and socially conscious decisions about how it does business, who it does business with, and how it invests.

This white paper explores the background of ESG and why it’s important for your organization and its stakeholders as well as provides a three-step plan for getting started.