What Every Employer Must Know to Avoid Costly Lawsuits

Get the critical information you need to prevent high-priced compliance violations.

Organizations pay millions of dollars in fines, settlements, legal defense, and other penalties for compliance violations every year — not to mention the hundreds of hours spent resolving these challenges. 

In this comprehensive white paper, What Every Employer Must Know to Avoid Costly Lawsuits, UKG partnered with experts on employment law and other critical regulations for a look at some of the riskiest and most compliance pitfalls for any employer. Get an overview of the penalties associated with these laws, the kinds of organizations impacted, and what you can do to be proactive about them.

Download the white paper now for an examination of:

  • EEOC regulations
  • The latest in PPACA and COBRA compliance
  • Considerations for ERISA and paid leave
  • Sexual harassment policies and the complaint process
  • And more

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