Workforce Institute

We Can Fix Work

As the pandemic reshapes how people view work, global research from The Workforce Institute at UKG offers a glimpse at what workforce expectations in 2030 and beyond might look like, including the jobs and types of companies that may not exist unless employers help people find purpose and meaning in their work.


Read the 12-page executive report for global insight into what parents, family members, and mentors are telling children and teens about what they should value in their jobs and employers, and why purpose and trust can make all the difference.


Co-workers high-fiving

There has been a massive shift in how people view the role of work in their lives.

The pandemic forced most of us to reflect on our life-work journeys and realize there are many more important things in life than work. Some people are disheartened because work is failing to meet their expectations and are looking for organizations to step up and support them — including in new ways that have never been on the HR or leadership agenda before — so they can have flexibility and means to put time into what matters most to them.

Through this 10-country survey, we discovered that:

  • Nearly half of employees worldwide (46%) would not recommend their company nor their profession to their children or any young person they care about, and 38% of employees globally said, “I wouldn’t wish my job on my worst enemy.”
  • From CEOs (61%) to the average worker (49%), plenty of people “miss how we used to work before the pandemic,” while 45% of employees worldwide just don’t want to work anymore, period.
  • Around three-quarters of employees have increased expectations for how their company supports them (76%), and would also encourage their children to choose a profession that is meaningful to them (74%).

There are millions of people who look forward to going to work each day and many great workplaces where people feel cared for, that they belong, and that their role contributes to success. We need to take the great practices from those organizations so we can fix work and build confidence in the jobs our children and grandchildren will have.

Download the full report now and view the press release in our Newsroom.