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Virtual Team Communication

7 tips for managing a mobile workforce

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Virtual Team Communication

With the combination of advancements in cloud technology, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and shifting social trends, the workforce is more mobile than ever before and the number of virtual employees is only growing. With an increase of virtual employees in the workplace comes new challenges, such as maintaining high levels of morale when physically apart and effectively communicating from afar, that have not been seen as nearly as often they are now.

Virtual employees have unique motivators and require distinct considerations compared to their traditional office counterparts. Without management adapting to fit their needs, working remotely can lead to a lack of employee engagement and yearning for the socialization and collaboration found in an office environment.

Discover the pitfalls virtual employees can fall into and strategies you can use to help manage your mobile workforce with Virtual Team Communication: 7 Tips for Managing a Mobile Workforce.