Vaccination Considerations for the Return to Work

Three things you should factor into your return-to-work strategy pertaining to COVID-19 vaccination.

UKG spotlights three critical aspects of returning to work that center on COVID-19 vaccination — legal, educational, and health and safety — in our Vaccination Considerations for the Return to Work white paper.

Bringing your employees back into the office isn’t as simple as sending an email inviting them to return. It takes the execution of a well-thought-out strategy to make the workplace safe for everyone. An important part of that is COVID-19 vaccination. Will you be mandating it or not? Will you facilitate vaccination for your employees or give them time off to do it on their own? It’s also important to share accurate information about the vaccination process with your people. All these factors and more should be part of your plans.

Download our guide to learn about:

  • Where employers stand legally
  • Keeping a safe and healthy environment
  • Educating your workforce

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