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UKG Dimensions in the Google Cloud

UKG™ leverages the latest technologies to maintain and secure your UKG Dimensions™ (formerly Workforce Dimensions™) solution in the Google Cloud, so you get the reassurance you need.

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UKG Dimensions in the Google Cloud

UKG has established best-practice guidelines leveraging the latest technology to help ensure your UKG Dimensions solution is safe and secure:

  • Privacy — Our solutions are designed and deployed to protect the privacy of personal information in all phases of the data lifecycle
  • Encryption Protocols and Cryptology — Web application, mobile, application programming interfaces, and terminal communications are protected with transport layer security
  • Network Security — Network intrusion detection and prevention systems are implemented to mitigate risks of intrusion and malicious software attacks
  • Performance — UKG Dimensions undergoes a rigorous performance evaluation process during development to meet the business needs of our customers across all industries

Download this informative piece for more in-depth details on how UKG helps ensure your UKG Dimensions solution is secure, private, and available in the Google Cloud.