UKG Crisis Management for Public Safety

How automated scheduling can help public safety agencies manage emergency staffing.

Explore how an automated scheduling platform can help public safety organizations quickly fill positions and get the right responders on-scene rapidly.

Sufficient staffing is a critical need for public safety agencies 24/7/365. Labor costs for disaster responses — or large-scale extra duty events — are one of the largest operational expenses for any public safety agency involved. Tracking these costs matters, because many public safety organizations seek reimbursement from event venues or agencies like FEMA.

Explore how UKG TeleStaff:

  • Offers an efficient, effective, and reliable way to manage crisis staffing before, during, and after events
  • Streamlines the processes and frees those in charge for other, more important public safety duties
  • Helps ensure agencies get fully reimbursed once the crisis or event is over

Download this informative white paper to learn more about the many advantages of using UKG TeleStaff.

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