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Training Frontline Managers: 5 Critical Skills for Success

HR consultant Sharlyn Lauby details the top skills frontline managers need to be good leaders.

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Training Frontline Workes

With frontline managers comprising up to 50-60% of organizations’ management teams and directly supervising as much as 80% of the workforce, ensuring they’re adequately trained for their roles is key to the success of your business. Furthermore, they play a crucial part in employee engagement, which means they should be proficient in certain skills that contribute to creating a positive working environment where your people can thrive.

Access your guide to learn about:

  • Five skills managers need to have
  • Five common training delivery methods (and where they could be most effective)
  • Implementing frontline manager skills training

Understand how supporting your frontline managers by strengthening their skill sets helps unlock happier outcomes for all.