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The Talk: A Tough (and Necessary) Workplace Conversation

Get expert advice on how to discuss difficult topics at work.

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The Talk: A Tough (and Necessary) Workplace Conversation

UKG partnered with four distinguished leaders to share advice on talking about sensitive matters in the workplace in our white paper, The Talk: A Tough (and Necessary) Workplace Conversation.

If your intention is to nurture a transparent and positive culture in your organization, you must be open to facing topics that are often avoided. You may find yourself struggling about how to discuss difficult matters with your employees, but the truth is it’s important to have such conversations.

To help you face “the talk” head-on, we’ve teamed up with some of the most brilliant minds we know to share their insight on approaching these discussions and practical steps you can (and should) take to do so.

Download the white paper to get expert guidance from:

  • Minda Harts, Founder and CEO, The Memo, LLC
  • Katrina Kibben, Founder and CEO, Three Ears Media
  • Kate Bischoff, Employment Law Attorney and HR Consultant
  • Jordana Kammerud, EVP, Enterprise Transformation and CHRO, Claire’s