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Strategies for Successful Global Workforce Management Standardization

Maxim Integrated wanted to transform its workforce management practices on a global scale and put all their employees on a single workforce management solution. They chose the UKG Workforce Central™ suite.

Maxim wanted all employees at its 26 locations worldwide on the same workforce management solution in order to streamline configuration, simplify support, make training easier, and improve employee adoption. The company also wanted to be sure the solution could provide compliance with varying local labor laws, access to real-time information, and accurate reporting — and be available in multiple languages.

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Strategies for Successful Global Workforce Management Standardization

In this white paper, Maxim’s UKG™ project management team shares its best practices and lessons learned during the company’s global workforce management standardization project. Discover the steps Maxim took to ensure a successful initiative, including how to:

  • Identify potential issues at the start
  • Create focused project teams with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Generate a realistic project timeline
  • Strike a balance between local and global requirements
  • Anticipate site needs and user questions
  • Select and engage project ambassadors
  • Create a communication plan that outlines activities and messaging
  • Deliver effective training to enhance adoption

Download this informative white paper to learn more about Maxim’s successful global workforce management standardization using a UKG solution and the lessons the company learned along the way.

“Whether it’s time-off requests or overtime approvals, the UKG solution is easy for employees to use, and real-time information is a huge benefit for managers.”

Marcia Blandford
Senior Manager, Architect and Business Lead for UKG Project
Maxim Integrated