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Scheduling Your Manufacturing Workforce

Effective labor scheduling is critical in manufacturing. Learn how new scheduling technology can align labor to meet your changing manufacturing needs.

Scheduling a manufacturing workforce effectively requires placing employees with the right skills in the right places at the right times to meet production requirements. Manufacturers also need to consider regulatory and union compliance, employee assignment preferences, and equitable overtime assignments. Technological advances such as artificial intelligence can predict business volumes, create scheduling best practices, and automatically schedule employees according to production needs and employee preferences.

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Scheduling Your Manufacturing Workforce

In this white paper, learn the benefits of utilizing technology to effectively automate scheduling your manufacturing workforce:

  • Create a varied employee experience designed to attract and retain talent from multiple generations
  • Enable flexible and transparent scheduling to foster employee engagement while meeting your business needs
  • Align employee skills with production areas that most effectively use these skills to deliver quality products
  • Utilize strategic labor and overtime scheduling based on production demands to optimize efficiencies and meet production goals
  • Improve compliance and safety risk management
  • Use real-time labor data to optimize scheduling for more efficient production to increase profitability

Download this informative piece to learn more about how automated scheduling can drive higher productivity and better business outcomes.