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Retaining Top Talent During a Labor Shortage

Discover five approaches organizations can take to improve the work environment and encourage employee retention when there’s a labor shortage.

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Meeting your people’s needs is key to their job satisfaction

When facing a slowdown in labor market activity, employers should increase their efforts to improve working conditions that could motivate their people to want to remain employed at their organizations. The right approach involves understanding and addressing employees’ needs.

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    Allowing employees some freedom to work how, when, and where they want, even if for part of the workweek, leads to a better work-life balance.

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    Providing employees with the resources to grow shows them that they are valued.

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    Incorporating the eight elements that make a great workplace culture benefits the individual and the organization.

Almost 60% of employees want to work remotely most or part of the time.
of employees say low pay is a primary reason they leave their jobs.
of employees left their job due to the lack of opportunity for upward mobility.

When the pool of eligible job candidates dwindles, employers can adapt by prioritizing their current employees and home in on the aspects of work that keep them engaged and happy in their jobs so they’re less likely to want to leave.

This white paper highlights five areas employers should focus on to increase employee retention during a labor shortage.