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Q&A: No Shortcuts—How to Ensure the Success of Your Diversity Initiatives

Learn from UKG and Accenture experts why most diversity initiatives fail and the connection between workforce and human capital data in ensuring their success.

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Excerpted from a 2023 UKG webinar, this Q&A features highlights of a compelling panel discussion on why so many Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) initiatives don’t succeed.

This can be because an organization’s objectives don’t align with their mission, vision, and values and there is a lack of sustainable leadership support and absence of cohesive strategy for integrating DEI&B into all aspects of the business.

The insights in this Q&A can help guide you toward a successful initiative to create an organizational culture where people feel valued and supported, and where they aspire to work. And you’ll learn more about the connection between workforce and human capital data in ensuring the success of your organization’s DEI&B initiatives.

Our panel of experts from Accenture and UKG discussed:

  • Using your organization’s data to create cultural awareness moments
  • Merging sentiment analysis and workforce management data to gain actionable insights
  • Looking at DEI&B from a sustainability perspective as a must-have for your organization

Download this Q&A to learn how your organization can leverage data in smart, technology-driven ways to keep your focus on addressing cultural challenges.