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Q&A: Best Practices for Addressing Today’s Transit Worker Shortage

In this Q&A, you’ll learn from the experts about the root causes of the transit workforce shortage and recommended actions for addressing the issue.

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Excerpted from our recent webinar of the same name, this Q&A features highlights of a panel discussion on the root causes of the transit workforce shortage and the recommended actions and best practices for addressing the issue.

The U.S. public transit industry is facing a serious worker shortage in the wake of the pandemic that has been challenging to solve. A report created for the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) examined the causes and offers a wealth of information for transit operators looking to address these issues for their organizations.

UKG Public Sector Senior Fellow Bob Lavigna chatted with representatives from APTA and Foursquare ITP, the research organization that created the report, about:

  • What caused the transit shortage and why it matters
  • Best practices for recruiting, hiring, and retaining transit workers
  • How workforce management and human capital management solutions can help you improve workplace culture, streamline scheduling, and more

Download this informative Q&A to learn how your agency can successfully navigate today’s transit workforce shortage.