Protecting Your Organization Against Ransomware Attacks

Get the story on this severe cybersecurity threat, and how modern cloud solutions guard your data.

Ransomware attacks have increased nearly 500 percent since the pandemic began. This dangerous form of malware holds your critical data hostage in exchange for payment, and both individuals and organizations at risk, especially if your systems are grounded in outdated technology.

In our new white paper, learn more about this growing threat that continues to make headlines, along with best practices in the event of an attack, and the steps modern cloud solutions are taking to ensure the safety and security of your data — especially sensitive personal information from HR and payroll.

Download the white paper now for more information on: 

  • The security differences between on-premise and cloud solutions
  • How automatic system updates can ease the strain of protecting your data
  • Best practices for ransomware mitigation and response
  • Industry-wide security standards and certifications employed by UKG

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