Prison Unrest: Preparedness, Trends, and Staffing Software Solutions

Learn about a Corrections1 survey on prison unrest preparation and automated staffing and recall.

Prison unrest is an ongoing concern. Learn in a Corrections1 survey about officer views on their facility’s preparedness for prison disturbances and how Douglas County Department of Corrections is using UKG TeleStaff to easily deploy and recall corrections officers.

More than 85% of survey respondents said their correctional facility had experienced a major prison disturbance in the prior five years, and nearly as many said their facility was still using manual methods to notify and deploy officers during emergencies.

Find out the benefits that Douglas County Department of Corrections in Omaha, Nebraska, is seeing with its automated UKG TeleStaff solution to schedule officers and quickly recall them during a disturbance, including:

  • Creating schedules six months in advance to support officers’ work-life balance
  • Messaging officers on their smartphones about incident recalls
  • Tracking who worked events and the time they spent working, simplifying reporting

Download this informative piece to learn more about the Corrections1 survey and how Douglas County is using UKG TeleStaff for officer staffing and recall notifications.

“UKG TeleStaff lets the administrators easily search and identify available officers when an event happens, while officers receive notifications such as recall instructions right from their smartphones.”

Chris Sweney, Accreditation Manager
Douglas County

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