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Prepare to Transition Off Your PEO

Explore why, when, and how to move from a PEO to HR software in order to increase efficiency, simplify compliance, and gain deeper people insights.

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For many small and midsize organizations, PEOs provide a way to meet business needs around supporting your HR team and your workforce. But as your organization grows and evolves, the needs and expectations of your employees change too. There may come a time when it makes sense to explore leaving your PEO and moving to another solution.

The benefits of bringing HR in house cannot be overstated. Creating an industry-leading employee experience customized to your organization’s needs is a game-changer for recruiting and retaining top talent. It’s an investment that compounds over time, helping your business thrive and achieve sustainable, long-term growth.

This white paper provides valuable insights such as:

  • Why, when, and how to transition from a PEO to HR software
  • What benefits HR software brings to small or midsize organizations
  • What features and capabilities to look for in an HCM solution
  • How the UKG Ready® suite enhances the employee and HR administrator experience

This informative asset provides best-practice advice to guide your smooth transition from a PEO to HR software for improved decision making and people-focused results.