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From Pre-Hire to Retire

Schools can’t function effectively without dedicated, well-trained, highly capable employees. But this human capital is also costly, making up the majority (70% to 90%) of school district budgets. A human capital management strategy can make the difference.

Every effective K-12 initiative involves some combination of people, processes, and technology working in conjunction with each other to achieve success. Total human capital management is no different.

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From Pre-Hire to Retire

A total approach to HCM involves finance, human resources, and information technology teams working closely together. It spans the entire employee lifecycle, from pre-hire to retire, and it includes the use of a modern, unified IT platform that can automate key systems and processes.

By taking a comprehensive approach to HCM, school systems can save money, improve efficiency, and bolster staff morale — without having to lay off staff.

“You’ve got to treat your people right. We succeed when our employees are successful, and so we want to make sure they are treated well, paid appropriately, and treated with all the respect that they earned. Taking a total approach to human capital management allows us to do that.”

—Ken Owen, CFO, Cherokee County School District, Georgia