Police and Fire Sick Leave Abuse: Trends, Technology, and Solutions

Using technology and policy changes to reduce sick leave abuse in police and fire departments.

Sick leave abuse is a growing concern of police and fire departments. Surveys by PoliceOne.com and FireRescue1.com show sick leave abuse impacts morale and community trust. Learn in this white paper how an efficient, consistent scheduling process can solve this issue.

Discover what survey respondents say are the causes of sick leave abuse in their police and fire departments and how it’s impacting their departments.

Also learn how a police department and fire department handled sick leave before and how using the web-based UKG TeleStaff™ staffing and scheduling solution has helped them curb sick leave abuse:

  • Madison Police Department: The solution’s transparent accountability program for sick leave is saving money, time, and improving morale
  • Salt Lake City United Fire Authority: Sick leave abuse has decreased, saving $1,000 per shift, an 18% savings in the overtime budget

Download this white paper to learn more about the results of the surveys and the strategies and solutions, including UKG TeleStaff, that police and fire departments are using to reduce sick leave abuse, saving money and improving morale.

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