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From PEO to HR Software

Aspect43 reports 25% of companies under 500 people are looking to technology for workforce insights
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From PEO to HR Software

As companies grow, the needs and relationships with employees change. Moving from PEO to in-house HR can create the kind of employee experience that allows you to attract, recruit, manage, and develop employees for continued growth and success.

Find out if it’s time for your company to change

  • You are building your own team of HR professionals
  • The technology is no longer meeting your needs
  • Insurance options and benefits feel limiting
  • Costs of a PEO are outpacing value
  • You need more insights into your people

The benefits of bringing HR in-house cannot be overstated. Creating an industry-leading employee experience customized to your business’s needs is a game-changer for recruiting and maintaining talented employees. It’s an investment that compounds over time, helping businesses thrive and deliver sustainable long-term growth.

Download the white paper to learn how you can use HCM technology to connect your people strategy.