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Optimizing Workforce Management Through Global System Ownership

How Komatsu improved its workforce management with a single enterprise database in the UKG® cloud.

Optimizing Workforce Management Through Global System Ownership


Our Optimizing Workforce Management Through Global System Ownership white paper shares how Komatsu Limited successfully centralized its global workforce management solution in the UKG™ cloud to drive the most value out of its investment.

Managing a global workforce has its challenges, but those challenges multiply when you have multiple instances of your workforce management solution. By collaborating with UKG Customer Success to migrate its various instances into a single one in the cloud, Komatsu Limited is experiencing strong customer ownership and providing better work experiences for its people. In this guide, read about:

  • The challenges Komatsu Limited experienced prior to migrating to a single instance in the UKG cloud
  • The steps Komatsu Limited took to combine their multiple instances
  • The benefits of consolidating your UKG solution globally

Download this informative piece to learn more about transitioning to a unified workforce management solution and getting the most value out of your UKG workforce management solution.

“Our chief information officer recognized the value of switching to the UKG cloud, and it has allowed us to overcome the difficulties that come with having five instances of the UKG solution. Now we’re maximizing the abilities of the software and creating better work experiences for our people around the world.”

Lynne Schreibel, Global UKG Manager