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Optimizing the Branch in a Digital World

Successful financial institutions deploy digital technologies across all areas of the institution, reinventing the branch for account holders and employees.

With the rapid proliferation of online and mobile banking you'd be forgiven for thinking that the days of the physical bank branch are over. But the reality is that many account holders continue to appreciate a full range of options for interacting with their primary financial institution.

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Optimizing the Branch in a Digital World

Even as automation is changing the way people and organizations connect, there is still a need for brick-and-mortar branch locations, staffed with employees who can help customers with complex, higher-value interactions such as opening accounts and applying for loans and mortgages.

By deploying digital technologies in the branch, institutions can deliver a better experience to account holders. Allowing account holders to make appointments ahead of time, monitoring lobby activity to ensure prompt service, and capturing feedback quickly and easily give your organization the best of both worlds.

See how branches are reinventing the branch with digital technology:

  • Making appointments more convenient and effective
  • Putting the branch lobby to work for you
  • Capturing feedback with a smile or frown
  • Nurture an engaged, productive workforce
  • Schedule for productivity and optimal service

Download this white paper to learn how by setting aside an either-or view of delivery channels in favor of deploying a variety of digital systems to improve all areas across the board, your organization can keep pace with account holders' expectations for a best-in-class omni-channel service experience.