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Nightmare Employees: A Manager’s Guide to Coaching Difficult People

Being a manager can involve dealing with challenging employees. Learn strategies for guiding toxic employees to change their behavior — boosting team productivity and morale — in our Nightmare Employees: A Manager Guide to Coaching Difficult People white paper.

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Nightmare Employees: A Manager’s Guide to Coaching Difficult People

If you’re a manager, chances are you’ve already experienced a nightmare employee or heard horror stories about them from others. Knowing how to manage difficult people is part and parcel of leadership. It’s your job to ensure your operations fun smoothly, for the sake of productivity, morale, and, ultimately, profits. Your team’s success depends on how you manage all your people — from the top performers to the bad apples.

Avoiding problematic employees isn’t helpful and firing them may not always be the best solution. Instead, you need strategies for dealing with the different types of nightmare employees to redirect their behavior and create a better work environment for your entire team.

Read this white paper for valuable insight into:

  • The cost of doing nothing about difficult employee
  • The four types of nightmare employees and how they behave
  • Specific actions to encourage and reward positive change

Download this informative white paper and learn proven strategies for transforming nightmare employees into key contributors who add value to the organization.