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New Research: The Future of Career Planning & Development

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The Future of Career Planning & Development

Many organizations have historically struggled to provide high-quality career planning and development for their people. Frequent challenges include a lack of budget or time resources, but another common barrier is neglecting to consider “life-work” planning, a more holistic approach that takes employees’ job- and life-related desires into account.

Now, new research from UKG in partnership with shows where employers can get the most value for their investments in talent development. Learn what leading companies are currently offering in terms of career, vocational, and life-work planning and development, and how well these programs are meeting employee needs.

Key considerations covered in this report include:

  • How employee life-work needs differ among demographic groups
  • The most and least common elements in career and life-work planning
  • Why direct managers may be an obstacle to career growth
  • The role HR should play vs. the role it does
  • How technology can improve development efforts

Download this comprehensive research report to learn how to incorporate life-work planning into your learning and development initiatives.