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Meeting the Needs of Value-Based Care Through Staffing Based on Workload

UKG Workforce Workload Manager™ for Healthcare enables leadership to maintain staffing requirements, matching demand for care to the labor supply.

Meeting the Needs of Value-Based Care Through Staffing Based on Workload

Value-based care is a delivery model that compensates providers on outcomes — namely the improvement of patient health, reduction of the incidences of chronic disease, and provision of more efficient, cost-effective quality care. To achieve these initiatives, the healthcare industry must invest in technology solutions that streamline care delivery and decision-making processes while still making the patient its central focus.

This white paper explores the need for tools, such as UKG Workforce Workload Manager — a patient workload staffing tool offered as part of UKG Pro Scheduling™ Extensions for Healthcare — that have the ability to connect seamlessly with other systems and enable organizations to demonstrate compliance of the latest healthcare directives through:

  • Adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Provision of appropriate care
  • Increased staff and patient satisfaction
  • Leveraging valuable health information technology (HIT) from other sources

Download this highly informative white paper to learn more about how the right workload staffing tools can be used to help your organization create balanced, equitable assignments based on patient workload and staffing ratios.