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Mastering People-Centric Payroll

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Mastering People-Centric Payroll

RMH Franchise Corporation made payroll more strategic by putting its people’s needs first.

As the operator of 140 Applebee’s locations in 15 states, and with 10,000+ employees and a growth focus, RMH wanted a people-centric payroll solution. It has used UKG Pro Pay to easily add employees through acquisition without adding payroll staff.  


Solution self-service tools empower employees to enter and modify their personal and direct deposit information.


The Smart Tax Search tool reviews U.S. and Canada tax updates to ensure each employee is taxed appropriately.


Adding large numbers of employees is simple with a cloud-based human capital management solution that easily handles payroll.

In describing the benefits of using UKG Pro Pay, RMH’s payroll manager said: 

  • “Having UKG Pro Pay has totally changed our job. It’s taken a lot of the administrative burden off payroll.” 

  • “We were hopeful that it would be a time-saver for us, but I think it went beyond our expectations in how accurate it is.” 

  • “UKG Pro Pay makes acquisitions very easy for us ― a simple matter of adding more records.”

UKG Pro Pay empowers organizations to effortlessly meet their complex payroll needs and create a people-centric payroll process. The cloud-based technology reduces administrative duties, simplifies tax compliance, and supports growth with easy scalability.  

Download this white paper to learn more about how UKG Pro Pay has helped RMH with payroll processes during its expansion and how it can improve your payroll process.