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Manufacturing a More Sustainable Future

Migrating business systems to the cloud helps manufacturers become more environmentally sustainable.
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Manufacturing a More Sustainable Future

Manufacturers need to focus on sustainability to stay competitive. Learn how migrating from on-premise technology to the cloud can help manufacturing organizations reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint, and can deliver a quick return on investment.

Manufacturers have been improving their sustainability efforts in recent years, as seen in manufacturing industry analysis. Discover in this white paper how focusing on sustainability can provide numerous benefits to manufacturers: improving public image, attracting new talent, and cost savings by leveraging government incentives.

One of the easiest steps that manufacturers can take to make their organization more sustainable is migrating from on-premise technology solutions to cloud-hosted solutions. Research has shown that making this move to a public cloud can:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 59 million tons annually, the equivalent of taking about 22 million cars off the road
  • Result in a 65% reduction in energy use and 84% reduction in carbon emissions
  • Deliver total cost of ownership savings of 30% to 40% for a speedy ROI

Download this informative piece to learn more about the state of sustainability efforts in the manufacturing industry and how migrating to technology solutions in the cloud ― including why the Google Cloud is among the most impressive ― can help manufacturers create a more sustainable future.