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The Manufacturing Industry’s Trillion-Dollar Talent Problem

Read The Manufacturing Industry’s Trillion-Dollar Talent Problem to learn how workforce management can help transform an organization’s talent strategy.

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Transform Your Workforce Management Strategy to Data-Driven Employee Empowerment 

The manufacturing industry has a severe retention problem, with nearly 700,000 open positions available. Manufacturers must look within their own four walls to improve retention rates and ensure they have enough available talent in the future.

is the current annual turnover rate in the manufacturing industry1
2.1 million
manufacturing jobs are expected to go unfilled by 20302
$1 trillion
is what those unfilled positions will cost the U.S. economy2 

Read this white paper to discover:

  • How the root cause of turnover is often a result of employee disengagement driven by feelings of inequity
  • Why employee dissatisfaction can lead to unplanned absenteeism, which can cause a vicious cycle of scheduling problems, excessive overtime, and disengagement among all employees
  • How modern workforce management enables organizations to easily extract vast amount of data about their people and their operations that can drive decision making.
  • Why real-time visibility into their data can help manufacturers better understand why their people are leaving and delivers the tools needed to address the root cause of the turnover

Given the dynamics of the current talent landscape, manufacturers can no longer afford to view workforce management as simply tracking employees’ time and attendance. Modern workforce management is a strategic driver of engagement, equity, and retention.

Download the white paper to learn more about how the right data-driven workforce management suite can transform your organization’s talent strategy.

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