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Managing Labor in a Union Environment: Butte County Automates Timekeeping

Using multiple timekeeping systems creates myriad issues. Learn how Butte County, CA, leverages a single automated solution in a union environment for better timekeeping accountability, pay accuracy, labor cost control, auditing ease, and real-time data access.

Ensuring compliance with the collective bargaining agreements of its then nine unions and numerous labor laws was a concern for Butte County. Disparate processes led to departments interpreting labor laws, managers estimating employee time when faced with tight payroll deadlines, and inaccurate leave balances.

Managing Labor in a Union Environment: Butte County Automates Timekeeping

Discover how implementing a UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) automated time and attendance solution has eased the county’s compliance concerns and improved workforce management practices across the county:

  • Federal and union pay rules are accurately and consistently applied ― automatically
  • An easily accessed audit trail makes transactions transparent to employees and managers
  • Employees attest to the accuracy of their timecards, important in ensuring compliance with meal-break and overtime laws
  • Managers can instantly access the latest time and attendance data to spot absence trends
  • HR can easily oversee and manage federal and state leave requirements for employees
  • Leave time is accurately captured, eliminating overstated leave accruals and their compensation liability
  • A single attendance system streamlines tracking and reporting on time spent on grant-funded projects and tasks, including FEMA-funded work

Download this informative eBook to learn more about how Butte County is using its UKG solution to more effectively manage its workforce.