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The Manager’s Guide to Hybrid Work

Teamraderie provides actionable ideas to survive and thrive in the new reality of hybrid work modes.

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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers and managers have voiced an overwhelming preference for ‘hybrid work’ — an increased flexibility to choose when, where, and how work gets done, outside of the traditional approach of returning to the office five days a week.

Accompanying this new mode of work at many organizations is a host of new challenges. How can employers take advantage of the benefits of hybrid work without compromising on leadership or employee experience?

Teamraderie, the world’s leading provider of team-building solutions to hybrid teams, assembled this guide including:

  • The facts of the modern reality of hybrid work
  • Common pitfalls of early hybrid experiments
  • Seven things employers can do differently to thrive amidst these changes

Hybrid work is here to stay. Get a jumpstart on this new mode of work in this white paper.