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Looking Ahead: Top 3 Trends Impacting Employers Today

Discover the top trends affecting employers and learn tips to proactively address them while keeping your people at the forefront of your strategy.

Looking Ahead: Top 3 Trends Impacting Employers Today

Organizations are building empathetic workplaces that put people back at the center of what they do

The pandemic has caused organizations to rethink how they approach work, reinforcing the importance of innovative people management. Three trends impacting employers are vital to creating a people-centric workplace that enables employees to thrive.

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    Demonstrating corporate social responsibility can begin with investing in the long-term success of your employees.

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    Supporting work-life negotiation involves creating a flexible workplace, trusting employees to efficiently manage their time.


    HR is at the forefront in shaping growth strategy, keeping employees engaged and productive, and upskilling staff.

of business leaders surveyed planned to devote sizeable resources to socially responsible initiatives.
of consumers say they would purchase a product because the company supports an issue they care about.
of the differences in employee wellbeing and work effectiveness outcomes is due to 10 elements.

Creating a flexible, people-centric work environment ― supported by best-in-class human capital and workforce management solutions ― can optimize your organization’s people experience and lead to better business outcomes. 

This white paper provides practical steps you can take to address each of these trends, thereby creating an engaged and empowered workforce ready to meet your organization’s evolving business needs.