Life-work Synergy in 2021 and Beyond

Discover the new concept of life-work synergy — putting people first in the employee-employer relationship.

In our Life-work Synergy in 2021 and Beyond white paper, UKG discusses the emergence of life-work synergy in which people are made the focus of work and the workplace.

Work is forever changed and there’s good coming out of it. COVID-19 has forced us to reimagine how and where we work and to evaluate the interweaving of our home and work lives — or what we call “work-life negotiation.” As remote work suddenly became the new normal, leaders and employees alike had to quickly learn how to adjust, and the two sides of people’s lives became less separable and more visible. Enter life-work synergy.

Down the white paper to learn more about:

  • The advent of life-work synergy
  • The life-work synergy trifecta
  • Making time for time off

Adopting this approach can help your people and organization flourish today and well into the future.

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