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Improve the Public Safety Scheduling Process through Automation

With paper-based scheduling processes, public safety command staff spends significant time calling personnel to fill open shifts and positions instead of focusing on training, overseeing incidents, and managing staff — important agency tasks.

This white paper, Improve the Public Safety Scheduling Process through Automation, outlines how public safety agencies can overcome typical scheduling challenges and be better positioned to achieve their mission-critical purpose and business objectives.

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Improve the Public Safety Scheduling Process through Automation

Using an automated scheduling solution enables public safety agencies to:

  • Create fair and equitable schedules, including overtime, extra-duty, and vacation assignments
  • Improve scheduling productivity by automating time-consuming scheduling tasks, freeing up staff time for high priority duties
  • Achieve compliance more easily with complex collective bargaining agreements, labor laws, and regulations
  • Engage employees and boost productivity when staff members use self-service tools to view their schedules, submit time-off requests, swap shifts, and check accrual balances
  • Increase budget and fiscal responsibility with better management of overtime, absences, and staffing to demand

What value does a new automated scheduling solution provide that your existing scheduling system does not? Download this informative white paper to learn more about how an automated scheduling solution can deliver tremendous benefits to your public safety agency.