Human-Centric Governing: A Guide to Human Capital Management

How to build an HCM strategy that attracts and retains engaged employees while cutting costs.

See how local governments have leveraged UKG Ready™ to support HCM strategies that cut costs, automate time-consuming tasks, and boost employee engagement. Read two success stories that show how UKG solutions can automate tedious HR tasks so your team can focus on people.

Read the Human-Centric Governing: A Guide to Human Capital Management white paper to see what’s possible when you implement a technology-driven HCM strategy at your government organization.

Especially now, as many employers are feeling the effect of the Great Resignation, it’s essential to invest in building a positive employee experience. UKG solutions help automate tedious HR tasks, freeing up your people to focus on the more rewarding aspects of their work. Outdated HR tools – think Excel or manual, paper-based processes – may be costing your organization serious time – all the while depleting your employees’ morale.

Explore how two local governments partnered with UKG to build an HCM plan and implement UKG Ready. The results include improved time tracking and labor cost control, real-time data visibility, and streamlined HR functionality.

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