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Guide to Employee Wellbeing Technology

Need to ensure your employees’ wellbeing? Here’s expert guidance for finding a solution vendor.
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Wellbeing @ Work

The Guide to Employee Wellbeing Technology, co-authored by Mollie Lombardi, Chief Research Officer at Aspect43, offers expert insight on the business impact of employee wellbeing along with guidance on selecting and working with a wellbeing solution provider.

Employee wellbeing and wellness awareness have been growing in the past decade, but as 2020 brought together global health concerns, social justice issues, and financial crises, growth has accelerated tremendously. Even before the latest round of crises, many organizations were beginning to recognize the impact of the self-perpetuating cycle of physical, financial, and emotional stress on work.

To help you meet the employee wellbeing challenge in your workplace, a new generation of technology has been created to address and assist you in supporting each of the key areas of your employees’ wellness: emotional, physical, personal, and financial. In this guide, top experts explore:

  • The evolution of the employee wellbeing marketplace
  • The business impact of employee wellbeing
  • Insights for selecting or working with a wellbeing provider


Your organization’s investment in people is not complete without addressing whole-person wellness as part of that strategy. And it’s not only the right thing to do as humans — it also has real economic benefits. Learn more by downloading this timely guide.