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Governments & Work After COVID: An Opportunity for Transformation

See how local governments can emerge from the pandemic stronger than before.
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COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for governments. Learn in the white paper Governments & Work After COVID: An Opportunity for Transformation how embracing new technology, remote work, and online service delivery is transforming local government operations.

Despite its challenges, the pandemic has created opportunities for leaders to reassess how government entities deliver services to constituents. Discover what steps individual municipal governments around the country have taken to adjust, including how they rethought remote work and how to deliver services in a remote world.

Key concepts discussed in this white paper include:

  • How technology has supported remote work and enabled online service delivery
  • Which remote work strategies were successful for local governments
  • Why municipalities need to be more remote-friendly workplaces and focus on task management, not time management
  • What cybersecurity issues governments should be aware of with remote work
  • How cloud technologies have helped employees work remotely and be more productive

Download this informative piece to read a case study about Springfield, Massachusetts, and learn more about how governments can emerge from their pandemic experiences to become stronger than before.

“We are having more conversations about telecommuting, more family-friendly hours and more flexibility within work days. There are a lot of employees who proved to themselves that they can do all the work they have to do and they don’t have to be in the building.”

TJ Plante, Chief Administrative and Financial Officer
Springfield, Massachusetts