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The Future of Work in Distribution

The logistics and distribution industry is undergoing a digital transformation that is optimizing employee engagement and operational efficiencies.

While automation is making some inroads in the distribution industry, fully automated warehouses are some years away. Advanced human capital management (HCM) technologies, however, are providing benefits now, enabling the distribution industry to both improve employee engagement and streamline operations.

The Future of Work in Distribution white paper

These readily available advanced HCM technologies are supporting the digital transformation of the logistics and distribution industry by:

Optimizing the employee experience with consumer-grade mobile technology.
Using a mobile device, employees can request time off and check their schedules, pay information, and accrual balances from anywhere. Mobile technology also can help streamline the movement of goods in the warehouse and enable managers to manage in the moment.

Driving intelligent decision making with real-time analytics.
With a comprehensive view of all labor activities and easy access to data analytics, managers have greater insight into supply chain activities and how to best manage the process.

Creating operational efficiencies with artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are automating complex forecasting and aligning scheduling to demand to create best-fit schedules at the lowest cost.

Download this informative white paper from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) to learn more about how HCM technology is transforming the warehouse.

"Two of the biggest trends in logistics technology right now are the use of mobile apps and artificial intelligence."
Dr. Scott Newton
Vice President of Care Model Solutions
TeleTracking Technologies