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Future-Proof Your Employee Experience with an Integrated HCM and HR Service Delivery Solution

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Future-Proof Your Employee Experience with an Integrated HCM and HR Service Delivery Solution

7 ways HR Service Delivery completes the employee experience.

Employee expectations about workplace support are evolving, with most employees expecting HR to deliver a consumer-grade experience with real-time answers and help. UKG Pro™ and the UKG HR Service Delivery™ platform provide valuable support and tools. 

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Manage documents throughout the employee lifecycle and meet changing data requirements.



Set document viewing and sharing permission based on role and document type according to your privacy standards.

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Enable employees to find answers, view and update their information, and make requests using their preferred device.

Read the report to find out how the HR Service Delivery solution in UKG Pro helps you: 

  • Easily manage and organize employee records, freeing up time to focus on employees instead of paperwork 

  • Streamline creating documents and meeting document requests with easy-to-create templates 

  • Automate common HR-related processes with intelligent process automation technology 

  • Leverage analytics for workforce insight that supports your HR team and improves the employee experience 

Selecting a comprehensive HCM solution with integrated HR service capabilities enables HR teams to deliver personalized support to employees, increase efficiencies, and minimize the security and compliance risks of using disparate solutions. 

Download this white paper to learn more about how the HR Service Delivery platform in UKG Pro can empower your HR team to stay ahead of employees’ evolving needs.