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Fatigue in the Public Sector Workforce: Risks and Solutions

Fatigue is growing in the public sector, resulting in a range of negative impacts. Learn more about the causes and solutions in this insightful white paper.

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Workplace fatigue is not new, but heightened turnover in recent years, along with hiring difficulties, stress, and growing overtime requirements, have resulted in sometimes dangerous consequences for public sector workers. Unplanned and unexplained absences, risks to worker safety, drops in performance, and declining levels of customer satisfaction are just some of the problems caused by worker fatigue.

This white paper from industry experts Barrett and Greene dives deep into the reasons behind the fatigue phenomenon, why it’s becoming more common, and what managers can do to prevent fatigue before it negatively affects the entire organization.

Read expert research focused on managing fatigue and the impact of poor-quality sleep, and how studying workplace data can uncover hidden causes of fatigue that can be remedied through better scheduling and overtime management.

Also read how the Georgia Department of Corrections piloted a program with UKG to provide data dashboards for prison system wardens, deputy wardens, detention supervisors, and HR managers to better see which workers were putting in far more hours than normal with little time off for rest. Among the benefits of the pilot, they learned:

  • Why data quality is important for the best accuracy
  • How to deal with worker pushback over stricter scheduling oversight
  • How to simplify the platform to accommodate a wide range of technical abilities

Download this revealing expert insight to explore today’s issues around fatigue in the public sector, and how you can leverage technology from UKG to better manage it.