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Enterprise Provider Scheduling Improves Organizational Operations

Provides systemwide visibility.

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Enterprise Provider Scheduling Improves Organizational Operations

As health system leaders assess the lessons learned from the pandemic, the need for enterprisewide visibility into the workforce has emerged as a priority. Organizations must use integrated technology that allows leaders to access schedules quickly and make real-time decisions. They want to be prepared to effectively reallocate staff to improve everyday operations.

“Healthcare organizations need a single source of truth to avoid delays that can impact the care delivered to patients,” says Corrie Halas, MSN, R.N., a regional nurse executive at UKG. “If the schedule is always up to date in real time, nobody is paging someone who is no longer on call, which could possibly lead to a bad patient outcome.”

Having an enterprisewide scheduling solution that offers visibility to provider resources across the health system has been a missing link for many organizations during the pandemic. Provider burnout along with efficient and effective staff allocation can be addressed with an enterprise scheduling solution that offers benefits to both the organization and providers. Being able to optimize provider schedules with fair and equitable assignments to provide work-life balance and reduce the administrative burden of schedule management is a win for the providers, the organization and, ultimately, the patients.