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Employee Leave in the Public Sector: Current Challenges and Solutions

Employee leave in the public sector is a valued benefit that must be managed fairly and consistently to avoid negative impacts. In this white paper, industry experts Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene explore the challenges of leave — and the solutions you need today.

When leave in state and local government is not managed fairly and consistently, it can adversely affect an organization’s finances, spawn time-consuming lawsuits, complicate staff management, and lower employee morale and engagement.

Employee Leave in the Public Sector

The many kinds of leave and multiple rules for how it is administered have traditionally made this area of payroll and HR management vulnerable to errors that can reduce efficiency and effectiveness of government workforces and cost taxpayer dollars. But a variety of technological tools, including automated time keeping and leave management systems, can help dramatically.

Some of the benefits of automated leave systems include:

  • Reducing errors in leave balance calculations
  • Helping decision-makers and managers answer questions quickly and easily
  • Ensuring that employees are not paid incorrectly through the organization’s regular payroll system when they’re using short-term disability benefits or when absences are paid for by Workers’ Compensation
  • Simplifying the process of selecting the kind of leave that should most appropriately be used
  • Providing real-time information so employees can see their current leave balances in a way that was impossible with paper-based systems

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