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Effectively Scheduling Your Retail Workforce

Using modern scheduling technology helps retailers provide the benefits that retail employees want: schedule flexibility and predictable schedules.

In a tight labor market — and in an industry with a high turnover rate of hourly employees — offering retail associates both flexibility and control over their schedules can give retailers a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining associates. Research has shown that retail employees with unpredictable schedules have higher turnover rates than those with predictable schedules.

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Effectively Scheduling Your Retail Workforce

In this white paper, Effectively Scheduling Your Retail Workforce, you'll discover how:

  • Predictable schedules help retail employees better plan their lives around work, increasing their satisfaction and engagement
  • Retailers with satisfied associates who enjoy predictable schedules tend to see lower turnover, greater productivity, better customer service, and increased customer loyalty
  • Forecasting technology that predicts customer traffic and demand, coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, can align associate schedule preferences with customer needs
  • Mobile functionality that enables retail associates to check their schedules, request shift coverage, and swap shifts benefits both associates and retailers

Download this informative piece to learn more about how utilizing modern scheduling technology can help retailers meet the needs of both customers and associates.

"If you provide a system of scheduling that allows employees to consistently know their schedule in advance … they stay with you. We're finding that by offering a consistent, predictable schedule, and predictable leadership too, employees stay around longer. And when they stay around longer, the entire store thrives. And customers notice. It's a huge benefit for our associates, for us as a company, and for the customers."
Todd Meiners, Senior Operations Manager
Kum & Go