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Driving Change in Workforce Management

Technology use in K-12 school districts should go beyond the classroom. Learn how technology can improve workforce management efficiency, productivity, and visibility to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and create more time to focus on student success.

School districts have embraced technology in delivering innovative and engaging classroom experiences to students, but many have lagged behind in utilizing technology for back office and administrative tasks, particularly in managing HR, payroll, and finance processes.

Driving Change in Workforce Management

By investing in workforce management technology, school districts gain visibility into real-time data that bolsters informed decision making as well as functionally that:

  • Supports compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act and Family and Medical Leave Act regulations
  • Alerts managers when employees are approaching overtime, to better control overtime expenditures
  • Tracks extra-duty time to ensure proper recording and reduced administrative time
  • Documents time spent on grant-funded activities and creates an easily accessible audit trail
  • Tracks teacher absences and substitute teacher effectiveness in student learning
  • Provides full-time/part-time analysis to determine who is eligible for healthcare benefits
  • Supports emergency response plans that show which staff members are on campus during an emergency

Download this informative eBook to learn more about how workforce management technology can help your school district create a better work environment for employees and, subsequently, a better learning environment for students.