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Don’t Be a Nightmare Boss

It’s time to wake up from your managerial nightmare

Bad bosses can have a negative impact on employee productivity and morale, too often leading to costly turnover. Explore four types of nightmare bosses and techniques to change their toxic behavior in our Don’t be a Nightmare Boss white paper.

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Don’t Be a Nightmare Boss

There are many types of bosses — some great and others not-so-good. But what do you do when a bad boss becomes a nightmare boss? According to a Gallup survey, about 50% of employees who quit their job do so because of their supervisor. Not only do horrible bosses cause good talent to seek employment elsewhere, but they can make life miserable for those who stick around — resulting in lower productivity, disengagement, and in extreme cases, physical and emotional issues. The negative effects can tank your employer rankings, reflect poorly on your company culture, and even damage your brand. This paper outlines key examples of nightmare bosses and provides best practices to help managers avoid the hallmark behaviors and toxic dynamics that can cause employees — and the entire organization— to suffer.

Gain valuable insight into:

  • Four types of nightmares bosses that can emerge when toxic traits go unchecked
  • Infamous cases of beyond-awful bosses and their impact on the workforce
  • Techniques and tools to keep bad bosses from stepping into nightmare territory

Download this white paper and help your organization wake up from managerial nightmares.